Omnitecture - "Building for all"

The Omnitecture project ran for 5 days in May 2008. This blog documents the projects progress.


I must apologise for the delay in posting images and locations of the individual buildings. I have to admit that I had no idea how fast things would happen once the buildings went on site. I've been collecting as much information as possible and this means I've neglected the blog a little.

Each building was placed on wednesday morning and I revisited them again early wednesday afternoon. In the couple of hours in between visits quite a lot happened.

The watchtower on Arthurs Seat had been completely removed by the Ranger Service.

All of the books in the Library had been "borrowed".

The handle on the Radio had broken.

All of the candles, the visitors book and the prayer books had been taken for the Contemplative Space.

The shelter had had a couple of visitors but nothing hugely eventful.

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